Pędzący Królik
Press breakfasts, Business luncheon, Banquet - a buffet, Catering

Press breakfasts
A morning menu smelling of Circi coffee, arranged for individual needs.
It will brighten a conference, a presentation or a display,
creating a remarkable atmosphere of a joint breakfast.

Business luncheon
Fast and elegant, for everybody that values time and good cuisine.

Banquet - a buffet
A remarkable place creating casual atmosphere.
Soft sofas and armchairs invite you to integration and festive events.
The menu is tailored to individual expectations and a season of the year.

Catering We offer to arrange a function at your company’s place.
We prepare a menu for an individual demand.

tel: +48 (22) 826 02 45
e-mail: restauracja@pedzacykrolik.com